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Jame Mclean


While my stories are varied, my goals remain constant – to entertain, to surprise and to challenge you as a reader. I want to encourage you to read on, to turn the next page or reach for the next book, and to consider, that 'fact isn't always stranger than fiction'. Read more about Jame.

From his fans

I became a Jame Mclean fan from the first page of his initial offering "The Greatest Life never to be lived", and his books since have only enhanced my admiration and enjoyment. It does of course help that I hail from regional Australia which allows me to relate more readily to Jame's subject material, but this is by no means a pre-requisite to enjoy his stories.

His work to date has somewhat of a dark undertone with some challenging themes arising from the pages but it's those themes intertwined with a uniquely Australian flavor that put the stories in the thriller class but retain that rare earthiness and believability. This book sees a different direction for Mclean, moving from fiction to an anecdotal account of life in the Queensland bush as evidenced in his own life. Once again he has managed to entertain; capturing the essence of life lived in remote and small Australia in a lighthearted and fast paced format.

This book is part of the continuing development of Jame Mclean the author, a journey which has at this point in time thrown some very unique and thoroughly enjoyable work.

I get the feeling the best is yet to come.

Shane Webcke

Mas As Country Folk


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