What happens when dogs are gentlemen?

So recently I lost a close mate of mine, and so what some may say, so sad will say some others… and I guess depending on your thoughts on dogs the response is bound to be different. Dogs aren’t for everyone, nor is giving a hoot about another’s loss… but I thought I would write  Read more

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How to win the ‘Human Race’?

How to win the ‘Human Race’? and what the bloody hell does that mean anyways? It’s not like we’re all lined up on the edge of a road decked out in our best lycra outfits and head bands. The Human Race isn’t a contest (apparently), even though the way social media is going and our  Read more

March 29, 2017 in James Blog by

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Blue collar, White collar… no collar?

When everything is fully automated, fully robotised, totally pre-ordered, pre-fabricated, digitally mapped, auto-filled and auto-piloted… what’s every bastard gonna do? Oh, and who’s going to do all the crap jobs? Nobody wants to do the craps jobs anymore, and fair enough, nor should they, I don’t… but someone has to… don’t they?! These jobs; they  Read more

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The one thing the world won’t talk about…

The one thing the world won’t talk about… So the world’s population doubles every thirty to forty years… and at the minute we’re sitting somewheres in between six & a half and seven billion people… That’s right folks… seven billion people; seven billion, breathing, eating, sleeping, drinking, shagging, fighting fkn people (excuse my French). These  Read more

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