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Who will do it then?

I’ll tell ya this much for free… living on the land is an absolute honour, always has been and always will be. The great open spaces to raise a family, to witness the sun rises and sun sets, the animals, the grass lands, the comradery, the solitude and the ownership. To be a true part  Read more

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What would the old people say?

When I was a young fulla I was blessed with seemingly endless access to my grandparents; mostly my mum’s folks, but pretty much to all four grandparents if I needed or wanted to. My mum’s oldies lived right near us, and I mean RIGHT near us, not in the same house or anything crazy, but  Read more

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What about the day after that?

Refer an overhead picture of the world in two parts… atop a mad street filled with traffic, perhaps NYC, and below a solitary figure strolling in the forest… The top half says “this isn’t life”, while the bottom picture says “this is life…”. Nope! That is bullshit… if that was life, and I do mean  Read more

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The art and the era of popularised bullshit… 

The art and the era of popularised bullshit…  We live in a world where it can be hard to find your place and build a life, and lot of that is due to how we spend our time, what we value and of course how we engage with those around us, and how they engage  Read more

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Being a passenger in your very own life is bullshit

So here we are, just the two of us… well not exactly, but close.  Whether you’re reading this seated on a log, rolled in ya swag or planted on the couch; perhaps sitting there on your own or surrounded by others… it’s still just us… unless of course you’re reading this out aloud to those  Read more

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Not all sheep follow…

So I pulled up on a stump in the paddock this afternoon to apply a bit of polish to the monthly blog entry and I was dead keen to do the business… I’d half pulled together some country commentary on life on the land, story lines from the bush, etc… and was up for making  Read more

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What if we all just behaved?

Here’s a question, and I do apologise in advance for getting a bit deep on ya… but can you imagine if for just one day everybody behaved themselves? Didn’t do anything outrageous, no need for noble peace prizes or anything crazy, but just did the right thing and acted like normal constructive and sincere members  Read more

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You gonna take it easy…?

Ah the middle aged Mulga man… I remember when my old man was in his forties… not too sure why, but I do and now low and behold muggings has arrived safely in my early forties and wow what a journey. In a way I guess I’m a little bit surprised, not surprised that I  Read more

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As you holiday in the Outback…

The morning starts at Sparrow’s fart; what time that actually is reflects heavily on the constitution of the Cocky whose abode you’ve been taken into and of course the nature of the tasks set down for the day. Alarm clocks, though normally set, are rarely heard to ring; more likely to wake you will be the  Read more

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The things that will kill-ya dead

Go west young fella! Go bush, go country, go hard or go home!!! That’s what they say at least… Everyone ya meet has – or at least claims to have – a link to the Aussie outback, and at one stage or another throughout life you either get the inkling or some friendly encouragement to  Read more

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