Every time I look at any of my kid’s feet

Every time I look at any of my kid’s feet, especially the littlest of em, I just can’t help but wonder not only where those little tootsies are gonna take him, but what will the world look like when he gets there.

I think back to when I was growing up, I remember the stories my folks would tell me and even the grandfather too of when they were kids… what the world was like, what they experienced and even what they dreamt of for the years ahead. Now here I am (we are, my feisty bride and I) and we’re trying to map out a future for ourselves and the family, but the terrain is ever changing, and rapidly too.

A lot of people say to me that it’s all relative, be it technology, society, the environment as well as the general fears and expectations… and for the most part I guess I agree, or at least I agree that that’s the way it has been down through the ages, but not anymore. The world is growing, evolving and changing at an increasing pace and in ways that I doubt the human race has witnessed before and I’m not entirely convinced we’re adequately prepared for right now.

Sure you look around yourself and things don’t seem too bad, in fact for the most part life probably seems pretty good, but what about everyone else… and I don’t mean the folks next door, up the road or down the street. We can come back to you, me and the locals later, but what about the rest of the planet… with seven billion (that’s right 7 BILLION!) living breathing mums, dads, kids & co all struggling to carve our an existence and almost two thirds of us either starving, struggling or in or recovering from a war of some sort, it’s far from ideal… pretty fkn far if we’re being honest.

With all our advancement in technology, modern medicine, living standards and the rest of it, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking that we’re actually in pretty good shape. For most of us our health is ok, we’ve got a roof over our heads, tucker in the fridge, some money in the bank and access to most of the various mod cons we all seem to worship these days. Life consists of mostly work, travel, family, friends, social media and sleep… as I say, not too bad. We’re all getting along pretty well here in the western world… and certainly in good old sunny Queensland Australia; not too many wars in our back yard and most of us see ourselves living into our seventies, eighties or nineties.

Now recent modeling suggests that our lifestyles are starting to undo our life expectancies and that there’s every chance that we may not live anywhere near as long as we think we will, or if we do, it will be stuck away in a home for the elderly somewhere as we’ll not be able to afford to live out our days in our own homes. Of course these comments are general in nature and there will be an enormous range in the levels of quality and duration of our lives; but with every passing generation the simplistic nature of our existence and personal expectations tend to expand.

We’re no longer content with the notion of doing the same or perhaps just a shade better than the folks that came before us, and we now find ourselves wanting and perhaps even demanding to be and have and do almost anything and everything our hearts desire.

‘The world is your oyster’ has never sounded more appropriate, as we all in some way or another do our best to suck the life out of our surroundings – be it intentionally or not. We want and to an extent I guess are entitled to be comfortable in our lives, but we seem to be oblivious to what cost there is in acquiring that comfort. We rarely think of the seemingly endless amounts of the environment that we have to destroy to create the energy to power all our crap, animals we need to kill to feed our faces and fill our rubbish bins… and the levels of pollution that we as a race create on a daily bloody basis just through going about our business.

And worse still, is that we all know it to be true; we’re all well aware that the modern life style of the average western world human… is a pretty fkn destructive one, and yet here we are… and continue we do.

What’s the old saying, ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink…’ That’s it though… you can yell and scream it, you can explain the need for water for survival… you can flog it with a wet sugar bag or an eight foot stock whip… you can chase it up hill and down dale; but if that old neddy ain’t gonna drink… there ain’t a lick of nothing you can do about it. Same goes for cows, same for sheep, billy-goats or even donkeys for that matter… and to be honest I’m really not even that hung up on the particular animal that’s perceived to be dying of thirst… as it’s actually just an analogy isn’t it. An analogy for the human race… for the situation we’ve gotten ourselves into and the for stubborn and almost unhealthy reluctance we display when it’s suggested we do anything about it.

Ain’t it strange, we’re not just the ones wrecking this planet but we’re also the only ones capable of doing anything about it… and that is proving unlikely to happen.

Without getting too carried away or all melodramatic on you, I sometimes find myself stopped in a doorway or stood by the road side looking at the society that surrounds us, the society that cradles the life to come for my young family. My thoughts are quickly filled with both positive and negative ‘what if’s’ and ‘maybes’ for what the future has to hold for the generations alive now and those untold generations yet to be born. I think of my kids once again and what the world will look like when they grow up. I think of their kids and their futures, maybe even the futures of generations after that, but then it becomes a struggle.

With the pace in which we as a species are devouring the place we call home, I’m kinda worried for what the place might look like down the track, if it’s even here at all.

Thanks for reading & for playing along… This is Black Rat’s Back Chat and you’re welcome. JM xo. #Ya_a_long_time_dead #Life_is_for_the_living #DoWhatYaGrandpaDid #Time2Think

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