How to win the ‘Human Race’?

How to win the ‘Human Race’? and what the bloody hell does that mean anyways? It’s not like we’re all lined up on the edge of a road decked out in our best lycra outfits and head bands. The Human Race isn’t a contest (apparently), even though the way social media is going and our addiction to tell every bastard what we’re up to, how well we did at it and how fkn GREAT! our life is… does suggest otherwise.

You could not be blamed in any way, shape or form for thinking the answer here is a tricky one… I mean with seven billion people, thousands of languages, hundreds of countries and an endless amount of differing cultures… it sounds pretty tough. But it’s not, not even close… here’s ya answer… it’s not anything mind blowing and certainly not something new or out of this world… it’s actually a bit of a throwback to times gone by. It’s something we all have the capability to play a part in and it’s certainly something that can be done almost right away… as soon as we want really, and here it is…

Just do better, try harder and generally be a nicer person and that’s it! That’s the whole bloody game right there… done and dusted!

After all we’re meant to be living in a time of the ever improving civilised society… aren’t we? We’re all getting more and more educated, we’re in contact with each to the point of almost obsession and there’s a Book for Dummies for just about everything we do… life should be easy, shouldn’t it? We get up in the morning and we’ve got people telling us how and when and why to do just about everything we could ever think of doing; we’ve got the God Blessed internet to deliver every and any possible fact we desire to the end of our finger tips and so I just don’t see why there’s an issue. Or perhaps I do.

We the human race have out grown our basic nature to look after one another, not because we’re bastards, but because we’ve become numb to it… and we’re numb to it because there so much… of everything! There are just so many things in our lives, some good, some bad, some indifferent, but most at the extreme ends of the spectrum. We get to be a part of so much stuff that has nothing to do with us, so much stuff that we’re not fully understanding of or educated to, and so much stuff that we’re not old enough, mature enough or sensible & open enough to take on board. We no longer live and worry about the first six feet in front of our noses like the cave man used to; not us, we’re across everything. We’re like mice shit… we’re in everything OR at least we think we are, or feel that we’re entitled to be… and therein lies the problem.  We’re not all global entities and nor should we be… we’re people, we’re human beings, we’re individuals and should to an extent remember that. We have friends and families to interact with, look after and tend to, and we have jobs and social lives… but we’re getting around like we’re professional socialites without a care in the world… and that’s a little bit bloody crazy! 

Once upon a time people used to live their own lives, worry about their own business and let the rest of the world do the same thing, but not anymore. Where we were once happy to look after our own and get personal reward from living, playing and helping locally, we now have moved to such a broader but strangely shorter attention span. We’re outraged at what’s going on in far flung corners of the globe but do sweet FA to help those in need locally… we cast aspersions and offer opinions re the outside world, what they do, what they said, how they govern and who has been ill-treated or put down, and yet local volunteer & community groups struggle to keep going through lack of support and general participation. We throw garbage out the window of our cars (and we DO! All that crap along the roadside didn’t get itself there), we step over rubbish in the street and then complain that the local council aren’t doing a good job. We bitch about the ref at the kids sporting event on the weekend or about the coach when the teams are a bit dysfunctional, but we’re absent on training days to help prepare the kids, just like we rouse on our school teachers but do very little ensure our kids behave or do their homework.

We road rage when someone cuts us off in traffic or drives a few kms below the speed limit, but the list of stupid shit we all get up to ourselves when driving cars is long and varied (and growing!). We speed, we talk on the phone, we speed some more, we text, we email, we eat, we drink, we do our make-up, we sing, we talk while looking away from the road, still speeding or not driving to the conditions, we hog the right hand lane, we tail gate and the list goes on and on and bloody on! And we know that WE do it, because we are the ones driving all these fking cars… Oh! And we don’t car pool, we don’t share the drive and we don’t buy vehicles that are fit for purpose. We sit at the traffic lights in fuel guzzling wagons, two lanes in every direction, cars parked ten to fifteen deep… and only one person in each car… and we’re all pissed off, we’re all running late and all more than happy to complain about the levels of traffic, car fumes, road noise, delay times and countless other self-inflicted and or self-contributing annoyances with a second’s thought of the part we are playing in it…

I am starting to wonder just how intelligent and self-aware we are as a species… I’m not a greenie or a do-gooder, I’m not a bible basher, a tea tootler or some overly self-conscious bleeding heart… but I am a realest and it has dawned on me in recent times that the situation of this great country and in turn this little old planet of ours is going to get as real AF very soon if we don’t change our ways. I’m not being melodramatic or over reacting here, I’m just at the point where I think we need to not only start talking about this stuff, but also doing something about it. Instead of watching five different reality TV shows about married life and watching our pollies pull the piss out of one another about the rights of which people marry who… how about we get involved and sort some issues out. I don’t care if a fella marries his dog, a woman marries her cat or young people marry their phones… but I do care that this crap rates as both entertainment and a point of public interest when for the most part it’s just a distraction… there’s people dying like flies all over the planet, there’s animals dying quicker than we can breed ‘em and ability to operate as a fully effective society diminishes on a daily fkn basis; but this… it doesn’t even make the seven o’clock news. OR the six o’clock, or the five o’clock… or the first news at four on channel seven or even the 24/7 news on ABC or FOX! And it’s not on the news because it doesn’t rate, and it doesn’t rate because we’re not interested and we for the most part don’t care… and that’s pretty sad.

The human being was and I think we’d all agree meant to be and is often considered to be this absolute pinnacle of life and existence; we the upright standing hairless monkey with a fully affective apposing digit, were for one reason or another blessed with both brains and brawn enough to realise and rule an entire planet. No matter if you’re a religious buff or an complete evolutionist, either way it seemed like a pretty nice thing to have happen that one species could so outshine the others and do so much to impact the quality of life for all and the greater health, well-being and longevity of the planet. Be it written in scripture or dreamt of by poets and philosophers the human race was  capable of and should’ve longed to be the guardian of the planet and all those who shared the world with us… but no. For many years, for decades and centuries even, we have been gradually refining the way we do everything and should by this stage have worked out that be it in the role of guardian or just positive planetary citizens, we’ve run a complete root.

When I was younger and I used to hear people say how they “couldn’t possibly bring children into this world”, I though they were crazy, but now I see where they were coming from and the situation I suspect is far more bleak now than twenty odd years ago. When people spoke of the ‘Yanks’ and the ‘Rusckies’ keeping pace with each other like a crazy arse Mexican stand off so that there would never be a world war three… I used to think that sounded about right. But that’s not right, not anymore, world war three has been going for years, there’s been fighting almost since the end of WW2 in one part of the world or another. The thing is, well, it’s just that most of the western world couldn’t give enough of a shite to get involved. Hell they’ve been killing people in the Middle East and parts of Africa, and Asia for that matter on a nearly constant basis for decades now… but if it makes it onto the news more than once a fortnight you’re doing well… extremely bloody well. We’ve seen too much and often feel completely bloody helpless or powerless to do anything about it or impact any level of change… so much so that we’re immune to it now. All the crap on TV, in the movies and computer games is as violent as hell and we’ve become desensitised to the notion of blood and guts and death of fellow man.

What the future will look like is absolutely anyone’s guess and while I pray that we soon come to our senses and try to do something about… I’m not confident that that is even possible. The human race has become too smart, too lazy, too opinionated (says the guy typing up a blog) and in too much of a hurry to have and do and be all things materialistic that the likelihood of refocusing on community, environment and the sustainability of all is no longer sensible thinking, but crack pot do-gooder meddling. Our general health and life expectancy is in gradual decline, as are birth rates and marriage rates, while pollution, crime and personal debt continue to climb. It’s a gradual thing and it’s an affliction that both affects and is contributed to by every single one of us. The human race is a marathon, but one we as a species believe can be approached as though it were a sprint. The never ending war of attrition that is survival on planet earth compounds every day for every one of us and for the untold millions that will follow in our steps.

It’s time to take one for the team, do something for the greater good of everyone and in a way get back to basics. We need to go for a walk in the morning instead of driving to a gym in our car and then working out on a machine in a corner while surrounded by countless others doing the exact same thing. We need to get off our phones, off our computers and off our arses and do some of the things our grandparents used to do to fill in  their time. Spend time with your family, talk to your kids, read some books and try to listen to understand instead of listening to respond when others are talking. We need to try to learn some stuff and then go crazy and try to put some of seemingly endless cool knowledge that is out there actually into practice. Start a veggie patch, cook our own dinner and ease off on the sugar and the shit we put in our mouths. We need to be nicer, be kinder and when all else fails fall back on that golden oldie of ‘do unto others…’ Yes life on this planet has turned into a marathon, but there is no guarantee that it is going to last forever, and the way we’re going we’re doing everything we can to see that it doesn’t.

Life doesn’t have to be all about how big my house, my car or my bank account can be or how hot I or my partner look. It’s doesn’t have to be about who has the most power, the loudest voice or their name up in lights. It’s not meant to be about how much life, energy and fuel we as individuals can suck up, soak up or use from everyone and everything around us… it’s not that at all… it’s actually the opposite and if we as a species expect or even want to last too many more generation it has to be the opposite. An ever increasing population is one thing for a planet and all its inhabitants to endure and manage, but when one species is so hell bent on self-glory, self-gratification and use of everything it encounters… that’s a whole other challenge. Yes there’s a lot of us, perhaps too many of us, but if we don’t change the nature of our association with the planet upon which we exist and in the environment that we long to dominate… there will be a reckoning. Simple maths and calm observations tells us every time, that the life of excess is unsustainable…  

We need to slow down folks, yes you can smell the roses when you’re running with them in your hand, but isn’t nice to just stop, stand and watch them grow.

Thanks for reading & for playing along… This is Black Rat’s Back Chat and you’re welcome. JM xo.

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