Not all sheep follow…

So I pulled up on a stump in the paddock this afternoon to apply a bit of polish to the monthly blog entry and I was dead keen to do the business… I’d half pulled together some country commentary on life on the land, story lines from the bush, etc… and was up for making ya smile and sharing an experience or two.

I’d written once again about the outback, about the characters, about the sheep that jumped out the top deck of a B-triple and lived to tell the story (till we ate ’im), also the cow that popped my hip, sprained my ankle, tore my calf muscle and F’d my right knee (again), and I’d even talked a bit about the great love of this young man’s ever increasing eventful bloody existence… BUT! And here’s an all stations apology up front; but I just can’t shake this notion of ‘what if?’

When you listen to the wireless or the TV, look at the news, read the paper, scan the web, flick through the social media, side stepping the click bait or even chat with folks up the street… muggings here just can’t help but wonder; what if the human race doesn’t get it’s completely crazy and continuously getting crazier & crazier? What if we don’t get our shit together and start acting like we give two hoots about the world around us; about the fella or shiela parked along side us, or the wing of kids we’ve had the good fortune or the crazy notion to bring into this world?

I mean seriously, pull up for a second and have a think about it; almost no bastard is interested in taking the slightest bit of responsibility for anything and next door to every bugger has someone to blame for the crap situation that has befallen them.

Now I get it, life isn’t all beer & skittles, I’m not even sure why ya’d wanta have beer & skittles, maybe beer & pork crackle but that’s beside the point and maybe a discussion point for another day.

Life isn’t a picnic, I know. Bad shit happens, I know. Crooked, screwed-up and down right ordinary, shitty stuff happens to sensational, kind hearted, well to do people all over the world all the bloody time… I know… and it breaks my sometimes blackened heart, but that is life. That shit right there, and what you do with ya self during that time and for years to follow is what it’s all about.

Life is pretty well one major disaster for some poor bastard somewhere one after another after another with brief moments of joy, of fun, of happiness and sanity and rare but beautifully blistering sweet and occasionally even orgasmic rapture in between.

If ya lucky you do get to see the view from the top deck of the B-triple, and if you’re brave enough or mad enough you do jump off and see where and how ya land. Then if you’re strong enough or again lucky enough to survive the impact you fly to ya feet and give it 90! You full noise those little woolly legs off into the paddock and hope like shit ya manage to get into the timber before life catches ya up, knocks ya arse over and by dinner o’clock you’re in the pot with the beans and the spuds. That’s life, the constant adventure of how you survive each and every day and the impact you have on those around you and those who may follow behind.

The whiney bitchy blame game, woe is me, screw the government or the system or fuck the PO PO type attitude that seems to have taken over the world right now is going to be the eventual death of us and in time the human race. We all think we live by the good old sayings we remembers as kids, but we don’t, not really… “everything in moderation…” people, yeah righto… Bullshit!!! We supersize the hell out of almost anything we get our hands. We want, nay! demand, that we get extra this, extra that, bigger this, bigger that in almost every facet of our lives and yet can’t for a moment fathom why there’s not as much good will, extra time, money in the bank or share of whatever you care to mention to go around. It’s the F-trucks and V8 Turbo Tojo utes, when we all got by driving Hilux’s type approach. Everywhere you look we’ve allowed ourselves and are training our little ones to want ‘the lot’, instead of ‘enough’ and then when it can’t happen or it all falls over; it’s some other idiots fault, or the system, or the government or the banks and on and on like that…

Folks, it’s us! It’s us! It’s fkn us! It’s always been us and will always be us until there is no us left to bitch about the rest of the us’s that are doing this shit to us… if ya with me.

The government for example, everyone complains about the government, like the people that make up the government are all robots and surely we didn’t vote robots into positions of power. They are people and I’m sure mostly good people, but the society that we’ve created with our endless complaining, law suits, 24 hour news cycle, gossip tv and lording of celebrities is grinding to a complete fkn halt where no side of government can do anything because we never vote enough of em in on one side to have the authority to change anything… and on the extremely rare occasion that we do give a majority to one mob and they come up with some shit to fix the problems, we kick and scream and bitch and moan and so they either drop what they were gonna do for fear of being voted out or they hold to it and we vote em out anyways before they had a chance to actually do anything.

We don’t listen to our leaders anymore, we don’t, not really. We see snippets and snapshots of what they are doing or saying pedalled by the media and then we listen to what some over paid big mouth commentator or so called expert has to say, none of it ever very complimentary or in actual context. Soon after that we bitch & moan some more about what we perceive as being the leader’s view or action on something and then the news report on all the bitching and the moaning… which compels the pundits and the pollsters to run yet another freaking poll (almost one a bloody day), that scares the be-jesus out of the over sensitive leader and before long they slip up, the media pounce, we shake our heads for yet another of our finest has broken our hearts and we gallop head strong to the nearest polling booth and vote them out.

We complain about absolutely everything and the world thrives off it… but we need to think about it for a second… we are constantly being told by the media that we are all talking about our kids being unhealthy or tired or fat and that fresh food is just far too expensive… but almost nobody has their own veggie garden for lack of room to build one behind our big old house or time to tend to it as both mum and dad are working.

We (via the media) constantly stick it to our police, especially for kicking the crap outta someone after we see it caught on CC tv, not giving a second’s consideration to perhaps it’s not always some power hungry cop wanker, but maybe the A-whole had it coming. We’re told our teachers are crap, the doctors are crooks or idiots, the soldiers are bullies or murderers, the pollies are all corrupt or overpaid, we pay too much tax (but there’s not enough services), my download is too slow and not enough data (although I stream shit 24/7), there’s too much pollution for me to see out the windscreen (of one of my three cars), there’s too much crime & the wanker cops are too busy beating someone up to do anything about it, the kids are on drugs, the prisons are full, the refugees are all ISIS (but don’t treat em badly please or are they), the farmers are the salt of the earth – but food costs too much, we’re working too long and too hard but the elderly can eat dog food while we rebuild another footy stadium to watch QLD belt the blues for the next 25 years in Sydney… and on and on and on and on and on and freaking on…

Folks… it’s us. This is our life, our society, our country, our species, our planet… ours! All ours and we have built what see before us and around us and we are doing all this shit to ourselves. We take the easiest option, the sweetest taste, the quickest fix, the cheapest solution, the best deal… even though we’ve convinced ourselves we’re just good simple folks leading a basic existence that’s not impacting or hurting anyone and it’s all about being nice to yourself and good things will happen…

I’m calling bullshit folks, it’s all bullshit. Easy, sweet, quick, cheap & best doesn’t work… never has, never will. We keep making food that’s no good for us, building machines and systems to take our jobs, spending money on crap we waste and waste our time and things that don’t matter… We! We are doing this. We have evolved into individuals that are now so capable of so much, but predisposed to enjoying the moment so much or missing the point and blaming others that we’re pissing away possibly the greatest period in the evolution of the human race.

If I spent as much time fencing, spraying weeds, cutting posts, stacking fire wood, fixing pipes and working cattle etc etc as I do with the phone to my ear or my face staring at a screen… my little farm would be simply heaven. If I split my beer, tv, phone, computer and other associated ‘me’ time even in half and divided one of those halves between my wife, family & friends… they might know me better and I them. If I didn’t need, nay! want so much crap in my life I wouldn’t need to work so much and would have even more time to live my life, tend that garden, support my friends and family… pay it forward… so to speak…

I try, I tell ya I try, I try really hard to practice exactly what I preach, but it’s hard folks, it’s really bloody hard and I cannot do it alone. I just want what everyone else wants… and want to be like everyone else and do what everyone else does… we all do, don’t we? And there is lies the problem… we’re no longer about thinking and doing, as we are about being and getting and having and enjoying.

Someone said and maybe joked that ‘life is what ya do while ya waiting for something better to come along…’ and for some maybe that’s true, but not me. It doesn’t get any better than right here right now, doing this, being me… because that’s all I’ve got, all any of us have got. We’re breathing in and out and always keenly aware that while we may profit from both your & my combined advice and experience… it’s down to us to actually go and get it done. Life for you and I could be over in a blink, but for our kin and our kind, if we continue as we are… it’s surely to be a death of a thousand cuts… and what a shame. What a god awful terrible heart breaking gut wrenching sickly shame to think we’ve come so far and achieved so much… and yet seem so committed to see it all gradually slip away.

What if folks… what if we just old schooled our lives for a bit and got back to the reality of living in a society and not the reality of gossip, waffle, greed and ego. Live our life like we’re part of something special… not just as though we’re the special part of something.

What if indeed…  

This for reading and for playing along, this Black Rats Backchat and you’re welcome. JM ox

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