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I see you getting up early

I see you getting up early, I see you riding into the morning chill,
I see the wind has cut your face and your eyes are watering still.
I see the sun has burnt your skin, I see you have cracks in both your hands,
I see how the years have mistreated you and how no one understands.

I know you with your old eyes and a strained but gentle smile,
I know you’ve put your life on hold, and for more than just a while.
I know you’ve worked so very hard and I know you’ve done your best,
I know you wish to settle back, stretch your legs and have time to rest.

I want for you these few simple things, as I want them for myself,
I want to think of these days past like pictures up on the shelf.
I want just like you do, to live my life out on the land,
I want to be able to take a walk, in the black soil or the sand.

I remember how it used to be, all the good times and the bad,
I remember how we used to be, sometimes happy and sometimes sad.
I remember all the green grass, the wool bales and the endless musters,
I remember chase’n wild scrubber cows and suffering endless busters.

I was there when the oldies heart’s broke and when the young people stayed away,
I was there when the working dogs stood idle, and the stock began to stray.
I was there when the water ran out, and when we were all deeply in the pits,
I was there when all the gardens died and when the big house fell to bits.

-Jame Mclean. 2008.

Life is there early in the morning

Life is there early in the morning,
Life is there when you crawl into bed.
Life is there when you’re feeling really good,
Life is there when you’d rather be dead.

Life doesn’t go by quietly,
Life doesn’t step to the side.
Life is always there to lay the blame on,
Life has no where to hide.

Life is never off sick,
Life is never out to lunch,
Life never misses the bus,
Life never acts on a hunch.

Life is always the hardest worker,
Life always volunteers to stay back late.
Life doesn’t care for a social life,
Life has never tried to date.

Life doesn’t take no for an answer,
Life likes to play hard ball.
Life had no reason to cheat at cards,
Life doesn’t holiday in the fall.

Life was there when the whole show kicked off,
Life will be waving the final goodbye.
Life doesn’t care if you think the movie is boring,
Life doesn’t mind if you cry.

Life won’t get mad if you’re home after ten,
Life won’t wait by the phone.
Life won’t send you cards or letters.
Life won’t stop when you’re all alone.

Life was there when you were feeling miserable,
Life was there when things worked out all right.
Life was there when things were troubling you,
Life was there when you worried all night.

Life was the one that sang your praise,
Life also removed the rug from beneath your feet.
Life handed your neighbour a winning lotto ticket,
Life watched on when you had nothing to eat.

Life doesn’t get upset by the loss of loved ones,
Life took the whole ‘Bambie thing’ in it’s stride.
Life doesn’t always take choose the healthy option,
Life likes battered or fried.

Life doesn’t always wear a team jersey,
Life rarely plays by the rules.
Life has never been the fairest competitor,
Life doesn’t always suffer the fools.

Life doesn’t flatten the mailman’s tyre,
Life sometimes rains on your parade.
Life never made the brave into heroes,
Life never made the cowards afraid.

Life is the one that has to make the big calls,
Life walks alone on the tight rope.
Life does more than just the little things,
Life has to provide all the hope.

Life has to hand out the fifteen minutes,
Life calls lights, camera and action.
Life is always on the front page,
Life can’t make any retraction.

Life is the smell of a new born baby,
Life is the light rain that falls on the roof.
Life is the blissful sunset,
Life is the endless proof.

Life is the way a cute girl smiles,
Life is a puppy or kitten on the floor.
Life is the breeze that cools your face,
Life is doing for your nanna a chore.

Life is the bear that lives in the woods,
Life is the forest that is so dark.
Life is the moon beam that lights up the night,
Life is also the sea and the shark.

Life can walk alone down a ally-way,
Life can take the stairs or the lift.
Life doesn’t arrive late at a party,
Life doesn’t mind if you forgot to bring a gift.

Life is yet to run away,
Life owns no flag of retreat.
Life may not be the angel of stone, but,
Life can’t possibly be beat.

Life is my Sunday by the radio,
Life is my mum and my dad,
Life tries hard to make me happy,
Life also sometimes makes me sad.

Life has weathered plenty of skin,
Life has broken the occasional bone.
Life doesn’t always come with batteries included, and
Life doesn’t want to do it alone.

Life doesn’t always wear padding,
Life runs it one off the ruck.
Life is in no way a mini moke,
Life is an unstoppable truck.

Life is all of us when we’re lost,
Life is you and I on a good day.
Life is the feelings in our own hearts,
Life is that which guides our way.

Life will be still there tomorrow,
Life was there, everywhere, today,
Life won’t go away quietly,
No matter what you have to say.

-Jame Mclean.

I too have struggled in the mornings

I too have struggled in the mornings, I too have stayed up late,
I too have watched the clock and I too have feared the date.
I too have offered it my all, I too have done my best,
I too have been left with nothing, for I too have failed the test.

I too have started strongly and I too have stayed on in vain,
I too have worked to the bone, I too am a little insane.
I too have seen the years go by, I too have begun to fade,
I too have suffered greatly and I too have been afraid.

I too have put my hand up, I too have been left out,
I too have spoken softly and I too have feared to shout.
I too have waited quietly, I too have paid the price,
I too have dreampt of heaven and I too like things to be nice.

I too have stood alone, I too have been quiet lost,
I too have ventured madlly and I too have suffered the cost.
I too have reached for others, I too have been let down,
I too have been in free-fall and I too have hit the ground.

I too have watched the small ones die, I too have seen them turn to dust,
I too have seen them try so hard, I too have seen them crushed.
I too have tried to be of help, I too have held on tight,
I too have seen the struggle, I too have witnessed the fight.

I too have been broken hearted, I too have bled into the dirt,
I too have been covered in life’s grease, I too have given up my shirt.
I too have felt the sun’s anger, I too have been ripped by the cold,
I too have fought with nature and I too have now grown old.

I too have seen the darkness, I too have felt the pain,
I too have choked on bulldust and I too have longed for rain.
I too have bent my back, I too have been filled with fears,
I too have seen my dreams crumble and I too have cried the tears.

-Jame Mclean

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