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Mad As Country Folk

“Jame Mclean is refreshingly Australian in his writing, drawing on a personality forged in the rugged Queensland bush to craft stories and yarns that are immensely enjoyable and easy to read.”

“This collection of short anecdotes and recollections he has compiled while going about daily life in rural Australia are further testament to his ability to encapsulate a landscape and its people in the pages of a book, a rare feat indeed” – Shane Webcke.

HARD COPY SOLD OUT – Available as an e-Book for Kindle – Click here to purchase.

When Blood’s Enough – $19.95

“There is a place in Australia’s vast outback where the rest of the world doesn’t matter. Some people out there call it hell and some people call it home.”

“In this harsh setting amongst a turmoil that most couldn’t imagine, Cole Lee sits with blood on his hands and a sadness in his heart that will never go away.”

Thriller Pack – $29.95

“Jame’s two best selling Outback Thrillers – The ultimate fast-paced reading pack”

Includes “When Blood’s Enough” and “The Silver Dagger” bound and finished with a hot wax seal of Jame’s trademark Cattle Brand.

The Silver Dagger – $19.95

“Be careful where you go and very careful who you cross, for sometimes the sun shines on even the darkest souls.”

Meet the Silver Dagger . . . and hell on earth. Robert Carrana doesn’t have much pity and he certainly has no compassion. What he does have is a passion for vengeance, a brutal heart and a list of those he wants to see dead. Carved out of a hellish childhood and polished with unbelievable arrogance, he could well be the worst man alive.

Dog Trap – SOLD OUT

“If you ever break down in the Outback, stay with your vehicle…”

With their car broken down some hundred kilometres from the nearest town, every step the beautiful Warbaton sisters took led them closer to a danger far greater than either could have ever expected. Hidden in the dark earth, the cold steel traps were set for wild animals and in the darkness of night they would come alive.

Sold Out

The Greatest Life – SOLD OUT

“She was my friend in the long deep darkness that had become my world…”

The Greatest Life’ is the first novel to be published by Jame Mclean; there are three other already fully completed novels that Jame hopes to publish after ‘The Greatest Life’. These, like several other of Jame’s stories and projects, are varied and original, as he tries to write about as many different things to do with the human man’s imagination.

Sold Out

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