So basically what we’re saying is…

STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! People… OMG!!!! This has to stop… between Ms Schapelle Corby’s almost herculean return from her incarceration for drug trafficking in Asia and all this momentary well-wishing and token empathizing that we’re doing in response to the horrific happenings in Manchester right now… it is starting to get more than just a little bit crazy – we have officially lost the plot as a society.

One is a convicted criminal who has served her time and should by all accounts be allowed (and encouraged) to settle back into a modest lifestyle somewhere… while this other mess is an absolutely bloody awful thing to have happen by any measure you care to suggest; and above all to have it happen to that type of audience is beyond despicable… BUT we the people (with the help of the media) have just gone completely nuts over it. We need to do more than just spear in a few warm & fuzzy tweets or Facebook updates, hashtag some touching sentiment and listen to our leaders deliver some well-guarded and politically consistent words… AND then go back to our lives!!! Because all that crap is useless… sure it makes us feel good and the Pollies ratings see a bounce, but it does absolutely nothing for the problem at hand. 

On the Manchester thing, these evil BASTARDS, and they are bastards and of the poorest kind… and evil through and through; they have now moved the focus of their attacks from soldiers on the battle field to civilians and now… from just any type of civilian… to children, the most defenceless, helpless and innocent of us all, and in a month, maybe even sooner, we’ll have forgotten what has happened and returned to our lives. Just like we have for all the other attacks around the world over the last few years and we probably won’t give it more than a seconds thought until something of this scale (or worse) ends up happening to us! Not just here in Australia, not just in our state or near to us, but actually to us or someone we’re very close to. We’ve grown to accept this sort of crap and each time it happens, unless we have been intimately affected by it, we watch the story on the news, we load up on social media (just like muggings right now) and then scroll on by. We have become so busy, so lazy and are simply just so distracted with all the crap that we now call a life that we’ve not even the time let any of this stuff actually soak in… and that’s more than just a bit of a joke.

Back to Ms Corby briefly, and I do mean briefly; guilty or not, done it deliberately or not, she faced a court and was found guilty… got a lengthy spell in jail for her troubles (better than a short trip to the end of a rope or having a wee lead ball placed in ya left ear). She was caught, trialled and convicted; she has served her time, done a couple of years on probation AND now she’s home… and the #Fakenews media are going nuts!!! I call them #Fakenews because they are reporting gossip and waffle, not news, news is things that happened that we all need to be aware of, some Sheila coming home after doing some time in the clink – is not news, it’s gossip. And why are the media / #Fakenews mongrels going nuts over her or her situation? Because it rates! And even if none of us could give a woopty-dee-do or a flying F! the media will run with it anyways just in case we are interested and they don’t want to miss out!!! Plus, if they tell us (you & me) enough times that this is something we should be interested in and that everyone else is extremely interested in it… then over time… look out! We’re interested!!! And that folks is how the #Fakenews media mongrels work and we are all along for the ride, whether we like it or not.

Has this woman cured cancer? No! Has she done anything particularly special or impressive in any way, shape or form? (Other than survive in an Asian slum jail for the last decade? No… and does she have any real story worth hearing about that can in any reasonable way improve the lives of her fellow man, woman or child (other than want-a-be drug carriers)… and the answer remains…No! Now I’m not trying to pick on her here, just put it in a little bit of perspective; because mark my words (mine and an increasing audience of others) she will come home, get paid a motza (one way or another) for media deals, she’ll become a B grade or part time celebrity and make a living out of all the attention that we as a society will afford her. Not because she was wronged, not because the world is an all-round awful place and this poor Aussie battler has had a rough trot… but purely because this gossip-filled celebrity-driven attention-seeking world we have to exist in is drawn more often than not to bullshit rather than substance. #Fakenews as a term only exists because of exactly that situation and hundreds of thousands of people all over the place make an income off of peddling this stuff and almost force feeding it into everyday Shmos like you… and me!

This other situation, this bombing kids crap, this isn’t new, but it certainly is equal to many of the crap (or the other ‘C’ word) acts these folks have done around the world in recent times. It’s not religion, it’s not faith and it’s not race… it’s a movement and it’s soon to be absolutely everywhere, if it isn’t already. We’re all jumping up and down, we’re watching our leaders and the different ideological figureheads screaming their heads off, “Stop the boats! Stop the boats!” or “It’s a cultural thing, they must assimilate!”  and “It’s them! Not us! We’re good folks and their all sick bastards!!!”… and then we move on. We’re still in war mode, and old school war at that, you know where we line up on one side and the enemy line up on the other side and then we got at it till one side gets rolled, or runs out of bullets or men… but that is no longer the case. There is no clear battle field, no one enemy and certainly no rules of engagement. Sure we set ourselves all manner of rules, regulations and expectations, but the others side have called ‘bullshit’ on that situation and declared a ‘anything goes’ policy… and you know what, they’re going okay with it too…

The Pollies run with the ‘say heaps – do nothing’ mantra and they do so for as long as it politically is palatable in the polls and the #Fakenews media mongrels do the same, but their polls are the ratings, and their ratings impact their incomes… They ride the big story or the loudest yeller up, then when it starts to get a bit on the nose, they ride it back down again… meanwhile you and I are just watching, getting bored and moving on, AND the evil-doing sick bastards continue as though nothing has happened to their movement what so ever, and that’s because it hasn’t. They get stronger and meaner and think up even more cruel and sadistic ways to erode and work towards destroying the broader society, while we go back on with our lives and we do this, in part, because our western culture and some of our fearless leaders tell us that “that’s how we defeat them!” We’re expected to believe that by not drastically changing some of the shit we’re doing, taking a good hard look at society as it is and considering if we should review the direction some things are heading or the way things are handled; but instead living well, staying brave and not showing any level of fear… is the way to beat out & out evil!!! Apparently self-confidence and a big fat smile is the new Kevlar armour … apparently. (we all know this is crap… don’t we?)

And you know what? We believe this rot and do exactly as we’re told… madness, by any other standard complete madness. What’s that saying about ‘if you always do what you’ve always done…?’ Yep! You get bombed! Just ask the kids at the Adriana Grande concert….

And while we’re buying and implementing all this political drivel and #Fakenews media mongrel gossip… you know what else we do, we look for easy targets to blame, short term fixes or quick answers, OR, and this is perhaps the worst of the lot, we react to the action that is being taken by governments, military or law enforcements in such a way that these poor buggers no longer have the support or mandate required to get in there and work positively to fix a single fkn thing.

We’re so bogged down as a society in politically bloody correctness, doing only good, endless and unwavering fairness to every man and his dog that we analyse ourselves and our leaders and our authorised bodies to an absolute stand still, just take the Lindt Café for example… it’s becoming a bigger story what the Cops did or didn’t do than the criminal bastard that started it all. AND had the Cops gone in sooner and someone ended up dead, and we all know that someone nearly almost always ends up dead (or at very least badly injured), the #Fakenews media mongrels would have had another absolute field day and would now be arguing that ‘they’ the boys in blue, went in tooooooooo soon… ya can’t win, can’t fkn win.

Its sad and it’s a shitty situation, but we are grinding ourselves into the ground with constant second guessing, with standards and expectations that enemy don’t even consider – not for a second. The media think all this crap (our reaction) is a ratings gift from god and flog every possible angle & avenue and they do so because they know we want to hear about it, it’s in our nature now to want to see it and listen to it… We (and in turn our elected leaders) have no confidence to go and do anything about most of this evil shit that’s perpetrated upon us as a society, but we have a seemingly endless appetite for talk… and next door to no hunger for action in any way, shape or form…

And why, because of any one of a hundred reasons, but here’s some typical… “it’s too big of a problem” or “it’s not really our problem” (and perhaps not now… but it will be soon). “It’s too far away, it’ll never happen here, not like that” (yes it is! But these bastards have mastered air travel, and in some cases they are already here, some even born here… because as I’ve said, this isn’t a race thing, and it’s not a religious thing, this is a movement of people spread around the world that for many many (F’d up!) reasons are committed to a cause. Yes these pricks are evil and are intent on having an impact on a global scale, but above everything they are committed… more than us. They are more committed to destroying what we have and what we call a normal life, FAR more than we are committed to preserving it… and that folks, is a little bit of a concern. (don’t you think?)

We as a western and pretty advanced modern society have become both immune to and removed from the horrors of many parts of the world, which has led to both complacency and a splash of arrogance. We’re so busy in our high tech lives and so informed by the 24 hour news cycle (of #Fakenews media mongrel gossiping crap) that we’re no longer in touch with the humanity of the developing world or the almost unthinkable realities of war zones. After all, we’re the people who won the last two world wars (or least we’re their descendants) and we don’t need to worry about any of this rot that’s going on now… REALLY! Come on folks, time to wake up and smell what’s cookin! The world or least a great number of places around the world are ripping themselves to pieces and yet the likelihood of us supporting any great change in what we do as a society is slim to almost none. None of our political leaders will do anything about it because there’s no votes in tough policy, and any of the leaders that do run with it either screw up the messaging or get hailed down as racists or fear mongers’ long before they even get their point across.   

The news is dominated by who said what to who, when, where and why! The endless stories both nationally and internationally now reflect more gossip and waffle than actual news – and yet we sit there and drink it down. Then we change the channel or scroll on by to something more entertaining… because we’re not interested in reality, unless it’s reality TV. Sure if it’s a cooking show, a house Reno show, a body makeover or some crap about dating, marriage or singing, then we’re hooked! But suggest that we spend some time thinking, talking and developing ideas to fix our ailing society…….. no, not for us thank you.

We are no longer interested in good ideas when it comes to dealing with the tough questions, only ideas that may lead us to having an easier life, making more money or spending more time enjoying ourselves. So basically what we’re saying is screw everyone else, bugger the next generation and GOOD LUCK to any poor bastard that happens to have had the terrible misfortune to live in any part of the world where the reality of just staying alive is more real than what you see on TV, FaceBook, TWITTER and Instagram.    

Time for change folks… time for a change.

Thanks for reading & for playing along… This is Black Rat’s Back Chat and you’re welcome. JM xo.

#Timeforachange #Fakenewsmediamongrels #Endthespin #Smellwhatscookin

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