The art and the era of popularised bullshit… 

The art and the era of popularised bullshit… 

We live in a world where it can be hard to find your place and build a life, and lot of that is due to how we spend our time, what we value and of course how we engage with those around us, and how they engage us. And let’s face it, if you’re too tall or too short, too skinny or too fat, too dumb or too smart, too dark or too pale, too young or too old.. you too rich or poor, you boy or girl, you gay or straight, you lucky or not, you working hard or working out, you trying hard or lying about, you sticking to it or falling clean through it… you win’n grin’n sin’n fool or not… it’s doesn’t always go your way, and there’s always gonna be someone or something there to test you.

But while all this is going on, we as a society (western society) have become so wrapped up in the unrelated gossip & the waffle, the rumour & innuendo, the do-gooder and PC bullshit that we’ve lost ourselves and the ability to focus on the things that count. We chew each other up and spit out the bones… we lob insults and judgement from afar and spend great amounts of our time looking outwards and rarely inwards… much at the fine example of our leaders, commentators and press.

The attraction to distraction and the addiction to fiction in our very own worlds has been so encouraged and is now so strong that the reality of real life is becoming nothing more than a race to the bottom. We no longer have a fkn clue who we are as individuals or as a people when it comes to making a stand for what counts, looking after each other or creating a sustainable livelihood… the world has gone bat shit crazy and almost every guy or gal ya talk to totally agrees and next door to no bastard supports the stupid shit we see society, but yet it keeps happening and we’re just here living out lives. We all on this earth shaped good ship named Titanic, powering towards the mother of all ice bergs of self-created bullshit. And while we’ve all got the shits about it… it seems impossible to make change.

When I look at my kids or I see families in town I wonder how those little ones are going to come to grips with the reality of existing in a society that is preoccupied like never before with what’s popular and what’s not; while we as individuals are boiling in our own juices and are either not interested, not confident enough or too disheartened by the amount of this crap that fills our lives to do anything about it.  

I don’t care how long you measure (some men are longer than others) or how much you weigh or earn, and I don’t care if you Bill fkn Gates smart or dumb as a strainer post. It impacts me little and fazes me not the colour of your skin, the depth of your pockets or who you crawl in or out of bed with… and we should all be same. Live our life, do our thing, raise our kids, build our world and FFS look after one another. Cut the bullying, cut the bullshit and please oh please drop this insatiable need to right every wrong, deliver every apology and rid the entire world of everything and anything that might ever offend, irritate or annoy any one of us.  

The world is a big old place brimming with billions of individuals with needs, wants and desires; yet we’re focussed on what’s popular, what’s cool right now and to an extent who’s up and who and who’s not payin!

Now I can’t promise you that if we’re just nice to one another and only use and take what we need to exist & prosper that everything will work out fine & dandy… but what I can promise you, that if we don’t drop the shit, turn back the clock a bit and open our eyes to the world around us (right where we are right now)… then the pollies and the talking heads, the gossip mongers and the tabloid tell alls will see us and our distracted addictions piss away the one and only life we have.

I don’t know about God and I’m not convinced of karma, good or bad… but I do know we can do better. I do know we’ve done better in the past and we can again, and I know that because of what we’ve built that we’re all surrounded by right now; and has been done so out of the dust and the dirt and the rocks and the leaves that lay before our predecessors. I know that, because of the witnessing the yards and the sheds and the fences and the drains and the dams and productive herds of livestock and small country towns that generations of rural folks built with their own two hands.

I know this because of the pictures on the walls in my home and yours of the folks that worked in a paddock, manned a gate, stood guard at a post or stood strong in front of their communities and did onto others and for the good of others without the need or emotional ransom for gratitude. I know that because the desire in me is to do better, to be better and is to no longer be about accumulation but increasingly about quality of behaviour and not quantity of capital, experiences, trophies or trinkets. My heart bleeds when I hear of suicides of young people, crime against old people and senseless destruction of simple homes and lives; and my mind aches for a way to encourage people to step away from the bullshit.

We live in both the most technologically advanced and unbelievably wasteful time in human history… the capabilities of the human race as a species right now are beyond belief and without comparison… but so too is the extent of the waste… the waste of food, waste of time, waste of space, waste of knowledge, waste of hearts & minds & souls… and waste of lives… and in a way a waste of a great but unknown and possibly untold future. This era, this time right now, is a time where the level of popularised bullshit and the art of distraction is so powerful that almost none amongst us have the ability to resist.

Or do we…?      

You tell me…

Thanks for reading and for playing along, this has been Black Rat’s backchat and you’re welcome. JM ox   

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