The one thing the world won’t talk about…

The one thing the world won’t talk about…

So the world’s population doubles every thirty to forty years… and at the minute we’re sitting somewheres in between six & a half and seven billion people… That’s right folks… seven billion people; seven billion, breathing, eating, sleeping, drinking, shagging, fighting fkn people (excuse my French). These are people of all ages, all religions, all ethnic backgrounds and from every corner of the globe…

After years on the land managing & looking after animals and a lifetime of taking in my surroundings; it now seems clear to me that this planet is a little over stocked… and we need to have a serious look at its carrying capacity. The folks from the DPI or DNRM or whomever the hell it is that looks after all things rural in the government space these days would have an absolute field day if they got wind of you or I running a cattle or sheep operation in a manner that in any way reflected the way we humans are stocking the world… In short folks, it’s too many people, too many fkn people and we all know what happens when you end up with too much of anything…

What’s that old saying about everything in moderation… well, same has to go for global population.

You run too many sheep or too many cows on your block and see what happens, hell you already know what happens – they eat the place out and then things start to go completely to shite. But you know what, it doesn’t end there, does it?… Before long the paddocks are completely bare – with the grass dug out by the roots and any standing timber is trimmed to the browse line… and these endless starving individuals will soon have almost self-destructed as a mob. Too many mouths means not enough food, it also means not enough water or even standing room at the waters… So they push in, they push and shove, they tussle and struggle and fight each other for access to the ever receding water’s edge. Add to that the well-known fact that livestock like to do their business where they stand… you’ve seen it! Piss and shite right there while they’re taking in considerable litres of water to get them through the day… not smart, not smart at all… but they are animals, aren’t they? – they don’t know any better… of course we wouldn’t do that, that’s disgusting!

We’ve all seen this sort of thing before, to one extent or another and in these recent years of drought and the enormous levels of stock on feed, it’s common place. You throw a mob of steers into a pen with a feeder bin loaded up with hay, what do they do… just like the water, they charge in. They don’t bother with lining up, waiting their turn or being sure to share with others… they say ‘fck that!’ and charge, they dive in, head and shoulders deep they go at the feed with open mouths and desperation in their hearts. To us it’s because they’re ‘a bit hungry’ or they’re ‘piggin it in’; but to them it’s food and no matter who or what you are, food is food and without it – you’re fked! If the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak, roles reversed… you know, if it were you and I in there… what would we do?… when we’re starving, when we’re weak and desperate and haven’t seen good tucker in ages. I think there’s a pretty good chance we’d be exactly the same, we’d drop the shoulder, bend the knees and hit that hay feeder like All Black or Wallaby forward packs hitting a ruck or maul.

We’d like to think that we wouldn’t, further more we’d prefer to think that it’ll never come to that… so why worry? Why indeed…

Just a reminder… the world population is on the rise, a constant and seemingly unstoppable rise and food, water and space – that’s it, a place to lay your tired head at the end of a day, it’s decreasing… as we speak, and fast. Right now this second, this minute, right here and now on this planet there is now more people than there was this morning, more than yesterday and a shitload more than last week, last month or last year… and the human race marches on. Births over deaths every year we increase our number considerably (by tens if not hundreds of millions) and all the while we’re decreasing our ability to feed, water, house and clothe said billions.

A solid seventy to eighty percent of the world’s population are in poor shape – if compared to us western worlders that is… some four to five billion (give or take a few hundred million) live on a few dollars day and go without the vast majority of everyday essentials that we’ve come to rely on. Half of these folks live on less than a couple of dollars a day…$2 a fkn day!!! So they have next door to none of the shite we see as essential to existence. What I’m talking about is food, water and shelter… Now while flat screens and Ipads, Air con and room service, to mention just a few of the things we expect when traversing the day, aren’t items of life & death… they are to some, not to most, but to a great deal of us they are a point a measure of how our day was and how we’re fairing in society. We don’t think about it at the time and we’re not terrible people because we don’t, but these things have become important to us and sometimes we can act pretty poorly if our expectations in regard to these items aren’t fulfilled.

I’m on the road a bit and I get this one from time to time… you book into a motel only to find that the TV remote has flat batteries or the AC is set on 24 degrees and can’t be wound down a few notches; the pillows are lumpy, the shower door is broken or squeaky or any one of the many other items of inconvenience aren’t there or aren’t up to scratch… and already you find yourself, ourself, myself – we, all get a little bent out of shape – but we ain’t hungry! No sir, not even close. We’re actually a fair fkn way from hungry and some reports suggest that we’re at the opposite end of the hunger spectrum and should even consider giving the odd meal a miss. Now I know we don’t live in motels and life is more than just TVs and telephones; but they are things we’ve come to take for granted and we do get upset when they’re not there… and we do this because the really important stuff… like food, water, shelter and reasonable health care… is for most of us, no longer in question.

The food is in the cupboard, it’s in the fridge, it’s at the corner shop, the shopping centre or if we ring up most places, someone will probably bring it to us. The same goes for water, in fact there’s so many other options aside from water that we’d prefer to drink that water is actually becoming a bit of a novelty… so much so that we’ve even started flavouring the shite to get people interested in it again. We have our homes, our houses, most of which are bigger than we really need and with less marriages – and at the same time less children; the houses we’re building have strangely gotten even bigger, even though our requirement is reducing – who is living in all the rooms of all these fkn houses?

We have public and or private health care, yep! Some of us choose to have the government (the tax payer) pay for some of our health care even though we’re well off enough to foot the bill ourselves… not saying that’s bad thing, not saying it is a bad thing… I understand people have commitments and every little bit helps, a dollar saved and all that… but there are folks with nothing… absolutely nothing and yet we’re doing our absolute best to get as much as we can… not because we’re greedy, not because we’re bad people or any other crap like that, it’s because that’s the world we live in, that’s what most of us do and it’s become a learned behaviour to do the exact same fkn thing. You do it, I do it, we ALL fkn do it and we’re unlikely to change that… I bring this up because in the context of this discussion… but perhaps that’s a whole other topic for another day… but it is well worth considering the part we all play and how we got to where we are. Add to that the example we are setting for others, both as individuals and as a society as a whole.

The world is a big place and for most of us we’ve got way too much to worry about (we think) than the shortfalls in equality of global living standards… what we also don’t think about is the sheer enormity of the actual problem.

Bill Clinton (that’s the old President that shagged his PA in the Oval office, lied about it to the entire population of the United States of America and still left office with a higher approval rating than most previous Presidents); well he spoke once about the scale of hunger in third world countries. He said, the situation was so dire that even if we could fix things for these folks by the delivery of a single glass of clean drinking water to each one of the starving billions… we’d still fail. Not because we’re bastards or because we don’t care, but purely because of the size of the fkn challenge. There’s more people in some of these cities around the world than there is in the whole of Australia… millions and millions of people and every one of them is trying to carve out an existence… just like you and & I.

We found out just recently that things are so out of whack when it comes to equality around the globe, that the eight richest amongst us have more cash than the poorest half the whole planet… the whole fkn planet! That my friends is over three billion people, and that, is a little bit crazy. And hey don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying those guys should go give all their Johnny Cash away to the endless downtrodden and starving millions around the world, and I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be rewarded for their efforts… but eight guys, eight fkn guys have managed to amass that amount net worth while half the world’s population are literally living hand to mouth, is crazy!

I’m not saying it’s all going to come to end today or tomorrow, not next week, next month, maybe not for years… but mark my words, this world we’re building, this overcrowded and drastically lop sided equality situation has disaster written all over it, all fkn over it.

You know it from your time in the paddock… you can’t have a situation where one bull gets all the hay and expect to continue with a good healthy herd… it just doesn’t work. I know we aren’t cattle and this isn’t a sale yard or a feed lot, but it sure is starting to feel cramped. You know how it is, you’ve seen it and you can imagine it; you give one small bale of hay to the biggest beast or bull in the yards and if he’s half an animal he’ll knock the shite out of anyone or anything that comes near him. Sure some share, but most of them will take it all for themselves. He (the bull) will eat all the hay, waste what he doesn’t eat and walk most of it into the ground… he’ll take a drink at the trough and then go camp in the corner and no one will do a thing about it. The other stock will come along afterwards and lick up the crumbs so to speak… and if this continues for long enough he will grow stronger while the others fade. No doubt the odd one will have a go, challenge him a bit and perhaps manage to steal a mouthful or two here or there, even a full square now and again, but not to a point that will change the end result; because in the animal kingdom (even in the cattle kingdom), the strong survive and weak go without… and they die.

In the animal kingdom the strong get stronger and they do so because it’s do or die… the very act of living from one day to the next is about sustaining yourself over everyone and everything else; but as I said earlier, we ain’t cattle and none of this applies to us… we’re fine. Here in Australia with a population of twenty-four odd million in this massive arid land mass we think we’re doing pretty well and for the most part that our society is safe. When I was a kid my grandfather and I spoke of things such as this and he offered to me a scenario to consider… to our immediate north we have a neighbouring country with a population ranging in some guestimations from 200 to 300 million souls, with many being those that live at the poorer end of world living standards. Imagine for a moment, my grandfather said, if every second member of that society cut a log out of the jungle, tied themselves to it and launched themselves into the ocean… a poor man’s invasion, he said. If only one in every ten survived the journey across the seas anywhere from ten to fifteen million people would still come assure here in Australia… and what then? What would we do and how would our society even manage…?

We squabble over a few hundred ‘boat people’ and we shudder at the thought of an increase in immigration, especially at a time of civil unrest in so many places around the globe… and perhaps rightfully so; but what about the elephant in the room, the billions upon billions of elephants in the room? By elephant of course I refer to the aforementioned downtrodden and starving, and by room… I mean planet. We are living our lives with the expectation that things can and will and should only ever get better… we get up earlier, we work harder, we invest, we save and we keep dreaming up ways to fill our days… but what about the elephants?

I’m a young to middle aged man and if I’m lucky enough to survive to the current age of my father or that of my late grandfathers even, the world population that will continue to be counted by the billion, will by then number in the low to middle teens. That’s too many people folks, too many fkn people…

Thanks folks for reading & for playing along… This is Black Rat’s Back Chat and you’re welcome. JM xo.

#dontforgetabouttheelephants #everythinginmoderation #toomanyfknpeople

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