What about the day after that?

Refer an overhead picture of the world in two parts… atop a mad street filled with traffic, perhaps NYC, and below a solitary figure strolling in the forest…

The top half says “this isn’t life”, while the bottom picture says “this is life…”.

Nope! That is bullshit… if that was life, and I do mean real life, then the guy (person) would have a phone to his ear because we pretty much all do these days… he also wouldn’t have a hat on because no bastard ever wears a hat anymore… sun cancer is for sooks apparently.

He most certainly wouldn’t be causally strolling but more likely to be gassing it along the very same track in the latest RV 4WD Sports wagon, because everyone needs one of those bloody things, even though 93% of all four wheel drives never leave the road…

And! If it were life, real fkn life, then unfortunately most of trees would’ve be bulldozed; for good reasons or for bad we are doing our very best to ensure these types of locations only exist in the imaginary world of memes and make believe.

Actually come to think of it, the whole bottom half of this picture is crap and to a certain extent so is the top half… because those folks in part of the pic aren’t moving anywhere near fast enough.

We have managed to manoeuvre ourselves into such a fast paced culture where the focus is so quickly shifting to the next moment, next experience or thing to do, have or consume.

In saying that though we’ve been indoctrinated to live in the moment, live in the moment, live in the god dam so important confounded mongrel of a moment!!!

We hear it over and over, in advertising campaigns on the tv and on television programs and in movies, on the radio and even in the newspaper….

It’s now forms some part of almost every mode of advertising or entertainment… and of course don’t forget the trusty old social media… which thrives on it.

There’s entire industries built to compel and support us in this endless pursuit of ‘the moment’. To achieve it, to capture it and to then tell every other bastard about it…. thinking nout for opportunity to actually enjoy it or share it and then treasure it.

But it’s impossible, and worse still it’s killing us and the society we’re so eagerly aware of while trying to achieve this zen moment… (a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind)… what bullshit… and folks, as I say, it will surely see the end of us.

We’ve trapped ourselves in this endless loop of living in ‘this’ moment while trying to rush to the ‘next’ moment and all the while forgetting to build a life and contribute to a sustainable society.

People often say how the generations that came before us worked so hard, did it so tough… “these were the greatest generations!” And yep I tend to agree…

But how often do you think your grandfather (while swinging an axe, digging a hole, swinging off a massive spanner or carrying a log; or building a fence, standing up a shed, shearing a sheep, killing a beast, droving cattle, walking the bore-drain with a shovel over his shoulder etc etc etc etc…. AND even your grandmother for that matter, or mine. She had a pretty impressive list of shit she was getting done!

Neither of those fine folks, back in the day, be it town or country would have steadied themselves and thought… “Fuck! you know what? I should be lying on a beach in Bali working on my tan and truly just enjoying my life”. Or, “I wish I could capture an image of the seemingly routine task that I’m completing right now and tell the whole world about it.”

Hell no!

Those folks were building something, they were doing something truly constructive and not just something to be enjoyed in that moment, in an hour, or a day or a week… but for years to come, generations even.

These folks in my mind (with the fullest of respect) weren’t anything particularly special but dumpling doing what was required to both survive from one day to the next and to build a life for them and their family into the future.

I suspect they had the added luxury of being alive at a time when they weren’t being reminded on a semi constant basis that they’re doing it wrong or that others are either doing it or have it so much better… and that they too can have this perfect ‘bullshit’ existence with just a few changes here or there.

They weren’t being solid a totally unrealistic and unachievable fiction of how their lives can and should be. This notion that their lives are a series of brilliant and uniquely special moments that need to be cherished and savoured above almost anything else (but for a second) before frantically galloping to the next equally exquisite and totally unique experience.

That we can have and do and be almost anything our little heart desires… each and every one of us…

It’s sad but true that life or fete or general existence can be a fickle selection beast that shines on one while simultaneously taking a dump on others. You can do, be and have great things and great times. We can all contribute to and experience moments and milestones to treasure…

We need to know that and believe that so as to help us push on through the hard times, the tough times and the bad cards we’ve been dealt or corners we’ve painted ourselves into. But, and there is most certainly always a but… we have to consider what is realistically doable as individuals… and in the end how much of shit we give about the future of us as a race and this planet.

It can’t always be just about us, and it definitely can’t always be about just us in the here and now. What about tomorrow? What about the day after that and what about all those that are meant to follow after us…

We as the current crop of humans are burning the candle at both ends, and some in the middle for that matter… and surely it can’t last.

Thanks for reading and for playing along, this has been Black Rat’s backchat and you’re welcome. JM ox


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