What if we all just behaved?

Here’s a question, and I do apologise in advance for getting a bit deep on ya… but can you imagine if for just one day everybody behaved themselves? Didn’t do anything outrageous, no need for noble peace prizes or anything crazy, but just did the right thing and acted like normal constructive and sincere members of a society… and by everyone and I do mean everyone, absolutely every single one of us… no exceptions or free passes for anyone. No excuses or reduced levels of expectations because of someone’s upbringing or education, race or background… that’s right! Everyone… you and I… And not just you and I but all the you and I’s around the entire world right here right now…

Think about that for a second…

Think about it…

Keeping thinking…

Think some more…

ok, that’ll do.

So I wonder how you went… How’d ya really go? Was your grey matter good enough to fathom some ridiculous shit like that..?

Now I’m not implying anything too radical here, just some reasonable everyday middle of the road good behavior. If you want eat crap tucker, drink beer and load up on coffee then giddy up, that’s not what I’m talking about. You want to stay up late, camp in the raw or sleep in till smoko time… Then fill ya boots. Still not my focus, not one bit. The type of stuff that we do to and for and with ourselves or our bodies isn’t it for me, it’s what we do to others.

What I’m talking about is the next level crap that we all do, some more than others, some a whole heap more than others and all of which is the shit that impacts the rest of us. The kind of stuff that we’re all subjected to and we all bitch about and blame someone for and never for a moment consider the very real part that we play in it.

For one day, not even a couple of days or a week… And certainly not any longer like a month or a year, because that would be torturous shit, unbearable even. But could you imagine for a single period of twenty four hours if people were one hundred percent kind and good to one another, and to the planet we reside on. Furthermore that we all played by the basic positive rules of society and didn’t, how does one say it “shit in our own nest?” We might live in a disposable society and even our own lives maybe temporary, but I’m pretty sure the planet isn’t and I hope the species isn’t.

So here’s some typical… And I’m sure there’s plenty more things that we all do throughout the course of a day that don’t seem like that big a deal at the time, but see what ya reckon, and please remember I’m not trying to be preachy or judgemental… I just can’t help but wonder what this place would be like if we all just picked up our game a bit;

Try not to speed – just leave earlier, we’re not the only ones on the road and as far as I know we’re not all trained stunt drivers or professional race car drivers, so knocking a few Kms off would undoubtedly reduce the accidents and save some lives… and remember, the signs are ‘speed limits’ not ‘speed requirements’.

Don’t tail gate – give folks enough room should they need to jump on the anchors, most of us tend to drive as though nothing will ever go wrong and that all our vehicles are running on a rail… but it will and they aint, and the closer we are to that next vehicle greatly reduces our ability to react, especially if we’re driving a truck or pulling a trailer.

Give road rage a miss – seriously… if every one of us just slowed down, backed off and calmed down there would be no need for yelling abuse, flipping the bird or lobbing insults when you get to the next set of lights, not to mention the numerous SOBs that pull out a ‘you’ll-be’ or worse and take serious action into to their own hands.

Don’t park like we own the whole car park – we all know some of these spots can be kinda tight, and some like it that way, but folks also like to be able to open a door when they come to go home at the end of a day, and not have dings in the paintwork.

Don’t litter or even step over trash – sure the first would limit the need for the second, but we all tend to bitch and moan about the mess the place gets in, but someone must have put the rubbish there in the first place. As far as I’m aware there’s no such thing as rubbish tree that flowers overnight and drops it’s leaves daily.  And so if we didn’t drop it in the first place or if we’d take a second to pick that shit up and find a bin… there’d be nothing to bitch about.

Don’t lie or overly bullshit – just tell it the way it is and be honest with folks; yes there are occasions where a little white lie might help the world go around and save someone’s feelings, and I’m cool with that, but that’s where it ends. People just making shit up, mostly to gossip or entertain, but stop it, cut that out. There’s plenty of cool, interesting, strange, weird or wonderful stuff to talk about… and the added bonus is, that it’s all real… fact is almost always stranger than fiction and you never have to worry about remembering your bullshit if you didn’t make it up in the first place.

Don’t steal stuff or take things that don’t belong to us… No matter what, and generally don’t go enriching your existence by profiting off the mistakes, poor judgement, miss fortune or stupidity of others… the absolute joy to behold that it is when you leave ya wallet or purse somewhere by accident and come back to find not only that it’s been handed in or located by someone, but that it hasn’t been cleaned out!!! Sometimes we (you’ll note I didn’t say ‘they’, because this is meant to be all about us…) take the cash and leave all the cards and IDs etc… because that’s the better and less offensive way to rob someone… I call bullshit! if it aint yours, and you know if it is or it isn’t, then leave it the hell alone.

Lastly and by no stretch of anyone’s imagination leastly, but will do for this list, is don’t bully; don’t make fun or generally be a shithead to other people and at their expense – we have all done it, we all do it and to some extent have a part to play in the condoning, encouraging or excepting of it being done to others. We don’t have to like one another and we sure as shit don’t need to love one another, this isn’t a sixties swingers concert nor is it the first day at kindergarten… people aren’t always gonna get along and that’s fine. But we have no idea what sort of a day each other is having and so adding to that with ill-mannered or ill-timed comments can be the straw that breaks poor camel’s fkn back.

We have created a society that while we’re mortified as to how our kids are treated by others at school, in the street or online; and the horrible things OTHER people do to us or to others, we are all playing our part. Our leaders do it to one another to score political points, the media thrive on it and openly lump ridicule or whomevers turn they deem it is to be piled onto for the apparent greater good of society… and it’s all through the television and broader media. I like a good joke as much as the next fella, but some kids are topping themselves because of the shit their class mates are saying about them on social media and we’re all devastated; but the kids didn’t invent this shit… it’s learned behaviour and we all know who the billy lids look up to…. we all know the little ears are always listening and then mirroring our behaviours. Might just be worth trying to be a be a shade more helpful and not so hurtful.

You and I do exist in a time when it is more so about the individual than it is about the mob and while it has allowed us to access more of just about everything and anything our mind desires… it has to an extent seen the human moral compass ossify like never before. We could live a thousand years and we may never see the end of the ever burdening discourse of the human race, and that (to me) is a shame. We, you and I seemed to have somehow fallen out of love with the notion of living happily ever after in a world that we treasure and keeping the promise to pass it on to those that come behind like those that came before us.

We’ve all now identified someone to blame for all our issues and troubles in life and strangely not one of those to blame have the ability to right a single wrong. For these someones are a notion or an ideal and more so a collective or our frustration and not an actual individual. The likes of the government, big business, the lawyers, the cops, the media, the system, the process, the rich, the poor, the do-gooders, the doh-bangers, the bludgers, and the list goes on and on of all those that have apparently made our world increasingly tougher to exist in are just labels. All these groups of people are exactly that, people, just like you and I and perhaps are actually for a great majority, you and I. The ‘them’ and the ‘they’ that we blame for or attribute all the negative sides to human society are just labels for the behaviours inherent in all of us… and I suspect we at some level already know this.

Yet we continue on our way… and I for one can’t help but wonder if we couldn’t all just do a little something; do some really simple little things everyday as we go about our business and just what that might add up to.

The current world population is seven or so billion (and growing all the time) and if each and every one of us did a little something… That’s seven billion little somethings a day, fifty billion a month…

I’ll leave you to do the maths from there, but I think it officially adds up to shitloads!

But let’s get back to the broader question; can you imagine what the world would be like if we all just behaved ourselves?

Well, can ya…

Thanks for reading and for playing along, this has been Black Rat’s backchat and you’re welcome. JM ox

#Do_a_little_something #Live_ya_life #Just_be_human #Do_the_right_thing #Make_someone_proud


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